The Student Advisory Team is the student voice of Opt4STEM. Members come from every grade level and have an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and much more. As leaders of Opt4STEM, members have an active role in planning which opportunities are brought to Von Steuben. Members develop skills in leadership, team building, and communication that they can put on their college applications and resumes.



The purpose of the Opt4STEM Teacher Advisory Team is to plan, deliver, and improve the Opt4STEM opportunities for the Von Steuben students.


Participating Von Steuben Staff



Bridgid Albers, Postsecondary Coach                             Eric Alper, Science Teacher                                          

Rita Bramble, Librarian                                                    James Edstrom, Math Department Chair

Andres Hernandez, Technology Teacher                        David Kaplan, Science Teacher  

Laura Lemone, Principal                                                 Javier Nieto, Technology Coordinator              

Caitlin Martinez, Counselor                                             Israel Urbina, Assistant Principal                

Jennifer Sutton, Principal 


 If you are interested in becoming a part of the Teacher Advisory Team, register below.  



The Partner Management Team is composed of representatives from each of the partner stakeholders as well as the Opt4STEM team. The purpose of the team is to oversee the development of the partnership to ensure the partners' goals, resources, and contributions are used effectively. 



Vinika Porwal, Director

Tina Pham, Program Assistant


                                              Illinois Tech                                          

Toni Riley, Associate Vice President of Undergraduate Admission and Pre-College Programs



Steve Solomon, Vice President, Corporate Relations

Justine Jentes, Community Engagement Manager


Von Steuben

Jennifer Sutton, Principal

Israel Urbina, Assistant Principal

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Opt4STEM Partnership for College Success Program